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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Misty & Mindy Part I: Mindy

Mindy and her mother Misty were surrendered to RAPS last month. I understand it was a family-related decision that was neither made hastily nor taken lightly.

The two cats are thought to be around 6 - 8 years old, but nobody knows for sure. They were adopted as adults by their owners. On first meeting the pair, it can be easy to assume that that smaller tabby is the daughter. In fact, it's the other way around, with the younger Mindy being the larger of the pair. Perhaps Misty is one of those cats who had her kittens while she was still quite young herself?

When I first met them after they arrived, Mindy dove into her crate when I entered their cage to give them dinner and wouldn't come out for anything. This didn't surprise me, as adjusting to shelter life from being in a proper home can make even normally sociable cats want to go into hiding. What did surprise me is when I visited a week later and found Mindy to have turned into a cautiously friendly girl (although she did not love my big scary camera and refused to look remotely cuddly any time I aimed it at her).

Even more surprising, I learned that she had never been this comfortable with people when she'd lived with her owners. When they came to visit the pair, they were amazed to find Mindy more openly affectionate than they'd ever known her. It must have taken that strong a feeling of missing the familiar faces of her people to make Mindy let them see that side her her at last. Hopefully she'll continue to consider people at RAPS as potential friends as well.

July 2016
Mindy remained a happy camper at the Sanctuary until a blood test showed that she was FeLV positive. She was moved into the Leukemia Room at the end of the SingleWide trailer, and became a favourite of the visiting Kitty Comforters.
We never know, with Leukemia cats, how long we will have to treasure them, and what triggers their systems to fail. This is a tribute from one of Mindy's biggest fans:
Lee, with Mindy (top left), Harry (on lap) and Bear (on right)
Dear sweet little Mindy,
You seemed to be caged in the leukemia room for so long & each time I came in you were so happy & wanted to be petted & cuddled. Then one day I came & you had been sprung.  Oh happy days & there you were living with 3 boys! Not one to wait in line , you still wanted your TLC first. Poor Harry did not know how this little girl could hog all the loving but you managed it beautifully.  Mindy was wrapping the boys around her little paws! Lucky, there was room for 3 on the little loveseat as there we sat & a petting bonanza began! What a little love-bug you were & your purring was a delight to hear.
Now you have left us & so many are heartbroken & we will miss you forever. You brought sunshine & smiles into the leukemia room & I will always thank you for this. We loved you little Mindy & if the Rainbow Bridge truly exists we will see you again. Dear sweet Mindy R.I.P. You were a darling kitty.

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