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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie (Robbie to to some) is named for the American heavy metal musician. He got his distinctive name at the vet's office when he and his sister Rebecca were first brought in as young ferals, apparently inspired by the fact that it was around Halloween at the time.

Rob is not as comfortable and social with people as his sister has become, and still tends to try and stay out of the way if he knows humans are around. He can often be found peering down from the safety of the top of the cages in the singlewide.

Phaedra says that he "does like treats and will accept them from hands on occasion and if not he will take it if dropped in front of him." I'm thinking treat-offering may be something this shy boy prefers from people he's a bit more used to -- for me, who he's only seen around and never really interacted with, he just couldn't relax enough to allow me to put something near him. Or maybe what I had on offer just wasn't enticing enough to help him overcome his fear of strangers.

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