RAPS is short for Richmond Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for nearly 500 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Update: Frieda and Blue

RAPS residents Frieda and Blue were recently adopted by Ann, a member of the cat sanctuary med staff team. These two cuties will be missed by staff and volunteers who knew them from the Old AIDS building at the sanctuary, but it's wonderful to see them enjoying living in a nice home.

The two get along just fine, and Ann says that Frieda has really come out of herself and turned into a playful crazy girl. When I visited last week, both were clearly enjoying all the comforts of home.

inspecting the visitor (and her big camera!)
ready to receive pats
hanging out in a box in between sessions of shred-the-tissue
time to play "swat the cursor"
two-tier cat games
And here's Ann's video response to the question: "Have Frieda and Blue adjusted to their new home?"

Answer: Oh yes.


  1. Ah, my sister! A woman of many words!.
    They are too cute for words...that must be it!!


  2. I figured the video said it all Karen ;-)