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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When I first met Pickle, she was curious about me but no way was she going to let me touch her. She just wanted to peek at me from behind a couple of water jugs.

Around the time I started becoming friends with Cozy, Pickles, still interested in peeking at me, decided maybe I could pat her a little bit before she had enough and scooted away. And so I kept trying to make friends with her.

Why persist when there are so many other cats who already want to be friends and don't need all this convincing? Well, initially she caught my attention because she reminded me of a cat I had growing up who had similar markings and was similarly skittish. And then I started taking a shine to her for her own sake.

When I asked Leslie and Lisa about her, I found out her name and that she came in as a wild kitten. Her odd spookiness? Leslie said that nobody had ever singled her out to really pay attention to.

Aw... now I'm extra determined to win this cat over!

Lisa added that in her experience, Pickle "likes you to think she is very ferocious when in fact you can usually touch her or comb her with few side effects."
Side effects? Apparently, Pickle has gotten Lisa with some of her pointy bits on occasion. But Lisa knows not to take it personally, putting it down to being "the big bad medicine lady."
Hopefully, "big weird camera lady" will have better luck. Stay tuned....

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