RAPS is short for Regional Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for nearly 500 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Monday, October 7, 2013


OJ is a feral who was trapped by Carol at the beginning of July and brought to the sanctuary. He lives in the same pen as Ginti, Amelia Earheart, and Lillian. I first met him within days of his arrival and managed to get this picture of him hiding in a doghouse.

I've been meaning to do a blog post on him since then, but have never managed to get another photo-- he always seemed to be hiding in some mystery spot when I went looking for him. Fortunately, Phaedra has managed to make contact (more or less) and get this shot of him.

photo by Phaedra

Apparently, she encounters him regularly when she's doing her early morning cleaning shift. He sits inside the large shed in the middle of the pen while she's working and watches her. He'll accept food while she's there, but makes menacing faces if she gets too close. Well, he is a feral after all, so I don't think she takes it too personally!


  1. He looks like a very handsome boy (his face reminds me of the tiger Hobbs, from the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip). I suspect it won't be long before Phaedra's kind and gentle interactions with him convince him that humans might be worth having around after all.

  2. he is a very cute guy...thank goodness he has RAPS now!!!

  3. Salmon = Head and chin scratches.