RAPS is short for Regional Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for nearly 500 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Friday, August 16, 2013


The owners of 13-year-old Alex couldn't look after him anymore, so they asked RAPS to take him. The No. 5 Rd. shelter had a particularly large number of cats at the time, so asked the owners if they could wait until there was a bit more room. The owners felt they couldn't wait, and looked into euthanization as an option because they were worried about him facing an unknown fate elsewhere. Luckily, vet staff called RAPS.

Alex now lives at the sanctuary. He's not too happy about this. Since his arrival in late July he's settled down from being very upset to being potentially a nice cat but still one to be approached very slowly. A visit that starts with nuzzles and rubs quickly turns to tail flicks and angry noises when he's had enough of sharing his cage with a visitor.


  1. Alex you are in good hands, why would someone not want you, you stunning fellow...

    1. We originally heard they didn't want him, but it turns out they did love him but felt they could no longer look after him.

    2. that is nice to hear, must have been very hard for them to give him up...

  2. They couldn't look after him? Why not?...he's perfectly healthy.
    He has no health issues, other than being a fat, middle-aged, grumpy male who doesn't like change. There are millions of us, throughout most species I'd guess.

    Let's not sugar-coat it for the sake of politically-correct language that's sure to not offend anyone, Claire.
    Don't minimize what they tried to do.
    No sympathy or understanding should be extended to his previous owners.
    Don't soft-pedal Alex's story to make it sound nicer.
    People like that, need to be held accountable for their despicable treatment of their suddenly inconvenient pets.

    Alex's previous owners thought killing him was a better solution to his apparent sudden inconvenience, rather than waiting a little while for some space to open up for him to be able to be surrendered.
    After 13 years, they couldn't wait a few days? a week or two?...maybe a month?

    It was the Vet staff, who they asked to perform the euthanasia, that saved Alex's life. His owners were perfectly willing to kill him.
    You have to wonder what kind of life he's had already, being cared for by a**holes like that.
    The Vet turned away money because he saw it was inappropriate. I applaud him/her, & I wish I knew the name of their business.

    I'd like to know the previous owner's name too, but I doubt very much that'll be forthcoming.
    Maybe you could drop a hint about the good Vet in a follow-up, please.

    Oh, man! ..the thought of euthanizing grumpy ol' middle-aged males, just because of their inconvenience?, whoa...that gives me the shivers.
    I better get a hobby.

    Like I said before,

    1. this response is why people who feel unable to look after a pet dump them instead of surrendering them. its heartbreaking as it is but to shame them is heartless.