RAPS is short for Regional Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for nearly 500 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Poosie came to the RAPS sanctuary in January at the age of around four and a half years.

She was found by her owner as a kitten around the Abbotsford Airport. All was good for the first couple of years, but then Poosie started acting aggressively. It got to the point that, when her owner had to go out of town, he could no longer get people to look after her because they were scared of her. Even her owner ended up buying Poosie a collar with a bell-- just so he'd have some warning when she was coming his way.

I understand that Poosie was taken to the vet to check if there was any medical cause for her behaviour, but nothing was found. Eventually, her owner had to make the difficult choice of giving her up.

At the sanctuary, staff were understandably cautious at first, but have had no incidents. As with other potentially anxious cats, though, visitors are warned to keep their time with her short and sweet and to avoid "overpetting" her.

June 2017: in her time with us, Poosie has become much calmer and more
ready to interact calmly with people.
We are so happy to report that she has been adopted out, and is settling well in her new home


  1. I always feel bad when an owner has to give up an pet...thank goodness for places like RAPS..

  2. I'm her owner, I still have not given up on her... She's very sweet be gets anxious and finds it hard to calm down, in my apartment anyways. I think it was due to her being separated from her litter at a very early age, never was properly socialized and easily frightened. After coming to the heart breaking realization I could not keep her anymore, Raps was the only place that offer a home and not a needle like many other places suggested. Thank you so much!! I think the other Raps kitties are teaching her how to Control those emotions ;) She's actually very sweet, please visit her, she's tries to act tough, but she's a big baby inside!! Miss having her home :(

    Saad Ali

  3. PS. Just saw this today. And thanks for posting it when you did, May 10th was my birthday!!! :) :(