RAPS is short for Regional Animal Protection Society, a registered charity and operator of a sanctuary which houses and cares for nearly 500 homeless or abandoned cats in Richmond, BC, Canada. The Neko Files is a celebration of the sanctuary and all those who live and work there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Back in January, Phaedra posted this picture on Facebook of Yale having a good old yawn while siblings Gabriel and Saffron looked on. She described how Saffron had hissed at her until she realized that a lamb treat was on offer, Gabriel was scared but managed to pull himself together enough to collect his portion, and other brother Ash accepted her food offering but refused to come close enough to be in the picture frame. Yale, she said, was the fearless one.

Yale, Gabriel and Saffron
photo by Phaedra

These days, Ash and Saffron are much more readily friendly. Gabriel's still working on it, but is making progress. And Yale seems to have made himself a favorite among the volunteers who work in the singlewide.

Here are a few photos from my first proper visit with him last week:

And here are a few from a couple of volunteers who he'd already won over long before I met him:

photos by Kim

photos by Michele

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  1. Yale has a very distinct look - his eyes are either very round or cross-eyed and he seems to be staring at you sometimes - or maybe it's just a scared look. He has really lovely markings and it's true, he is a bit of a favourite!