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Friday, August 26, 2011

Update: Maddie

When I first came across Maddie back in April of last year, she was a kooky kitty who had parked herself on top of the cages in the newcomers area. She was happy to dance around up there to keep my attention on her, but I never did get her to come down for a ground level cuddle (Phaedra apparently had better luck... sometimes).

Maddie has since had to be moved to the Old AIDS building.  Once there, it didn't take her long to find and latch onto friendly Jeremy. Jeremy, of course, didn't mind a bit.

In fact, I became reacquainted with Maddie last week when I was taking pictures of Jeremy for the blog. He was hanging out in the rafters, comfortably surveying the scene, and I'd barely had a chance to get a ladder out to introduce myself before this crinkle-eared tabby barged in, demanding first his attention and then mine. Somewhere in there, she decided I was to be her friend and that's all there was to it.

Phaedra describes Maddie these days as being very much into headbutts, pets and snuggles with everyone. She can apparently get a little pushy with her affections and has been known to force a snuggle on another cat whether they're interested or not.

Being a former feral, Maddie can still be a bit unpredictable at times if something sets her off, but for the most part, says Phaedra, she's all about the love.

I got to experience both the love and the pushiness the next time I went to visit, where Maddie practically chased me around the room for cuddles. If my attention appeared to be on anything or anyone other than her, she didn't hesitate to march up and lightly claw at my leg until I returned to the all important task of being her pal.

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  1. I was introduced to Maddie and Jeremy as a combo, but today it was Jeremy having all the lap-time, and Maddie flirting like crazy with Fraser. Jeremy finally turned his back on them...